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Is YAHSHUA a Japanese/Korean/foreign company?
  • YAHSHUA is proudly Filipino-owned company. But the name YAHSHUA is a Hebrew transliteration of the name JESUS. The company name is a company standard in that we do not deal with false or manipulated reporting or in the case of payroll, we make sure that the employees are paid correctly and on time and the employers are protected from time theft and ghost employees. Simply put, it is our goal to be a blessing to your company.


How much is the service fee?
  • (Please refer to the Pricing Option Packages)
Why is it so affordable?
  • For many years in the business, we saw that having a long- term relationship is more important to us and beneficial at both ends. This means, we are seeing your business grow as you stay longer with us.
Is there a lock-in period?
  • To ensure maintenance of records and sustainability of the payroll process flow, we will require you to sign a one-year contract with us.
How do we pay you?
  • When you sign the one-year contract, you will be asked to issue 12 post-dated checks (PDCs), covering the months of the payroll service.


How do we start?/How does this go?/What is the usual process?
  • As soon as we receive the contract and post-dated checks, we will ask you to fill out a Client Information Sheet (CIS), which will contain the company and payroll information needed to setup your company. When you send us the accomplished CIS, we can proceed to setup. After setup, the parallel run commences with simultaneous training sessions for everyone who will be involved in the payroll process.
How long will it take to setup?
  • For as long as you provide us the fully accomplished Client Information Sheet (CIS), one day is enough to setup your payroll account.
Does this mean we will have to let go of our present system immediately when we get your service?
  • When you get our service, we will conduct 2 parallel runs with your existing payroll setup. This way we can match results and transition smoothly.


How secure is your security?
  • Our system runs on reputable cloud servers, in addition to that, YAHSHUA has user rights and access protocols. We consistently update our security controls systems.
How about our Data privacy?
  • The system is highly compliant with the Data Privacy Act. We are registered in the National Privacy Commission with a full- time Data Privacy Officer.
How compliant is the system?
  • The system is TRAIN-Law ready and the settings are based on Labor Law provisions. In fact, we have integrated statutory reports modules to help with the ease in filing for government requirements.
We are a small company and we are not yet DOLE compliant, does this mean we cannot use the system?
  • While the system is built around the provisions of the labor code, this does not restrict you from using it. The settings are customizable to your current payroll setup. However, at YAHSHUA, will always encourage and recommend you to comply with DOLE and submit the necessary government reports as needed.


What are the standard requirements for gadgets?
  • You can start with a mobile gadget or tablet capable of taking "selfies". To make sure your mobile gadget and PC are supported; your mobile gadget should be Kitkat version or higher. If you opt to use a personal computer or laptop, your operating system should be Windows 7 or higher.
Do you also offer HRIS and timekeeping?
  • The YAHSHUA Payroll System comes with an integrated YAHSHUA Timekeeper application for PC and mobile gadgets. Time-in/Time-out, Travel, Leave and Overtime/Undertime can be logged from there. This system is currently expanding as an HRIS.
What are your other Timekeeping options?
  • We currently have 2 app choices and 3 device options. If you choose to get the app, you'll need your own mobile gadget or PC where we can download the Timekeeper applications. If you opt for devices, we have a mobile RFID device, a mountable RFID device or a Biometric Timekeeping device. Whichever may be your option, the apps or devices are integrated into the system.
If I opt to get the mobile device, do I need to buy a gadget for each of my employee?
While that may be the option, we can recommend either of the following:
  1. Assign a dedicated mobile gadget which everyone will use for timekeeping, you may already have it, but you always have the option to buy a new one;
  2. Authorize your employees' own mobile devices, this works very well especially for employees who work on the field;
  3. Or authorize your focal employees' mobile devices which everyone can officially use.
Is there a time in app for iOs?
  • Yes, the Timekeeper is available for iOs. It comes in two options, the Timekeeper and the Timekeeper 3S. The Timekeeper includes the attendance applications (leave, undertime, overtime, work on holiday) on top of the standard time in and time out features. The 3S is a simplified version with time in and time out features only.
Can we still use our biometric?
  • Yes, the system is adaptable and customizable to your existing timekeeping setup.
Will timekeeping work even if my staff is on field?
  • Yes. For this setup, we recommend the mobile app, which works on any mobile gadget for as long as it has a "selfie" camera and its operating system is Kitkat or higher.


Do I need an internet connection? (For time-in & time-out)
  • FOR PC: The Timekeeper app is a Chrome application, so you will need an internet connection to use it.
  • FOR MOBILE: The only time you will need an internet connection is when you sync your logs. Syncing means you forward your logs to the payroll system (main server). While it is a good practice to sync your logs every time-in/time-out, you may simply sync all logs at least once before the payroll cut off. So, you will only need internet access or mobile data when you sync your logs.
Who can access the admin?
  • We can define the user access based on the employee designation in relation to payroll. This means you authorize the personnel and limit their access and on our end, we will set this up in the system.
Can our employees keep track of their individual accounts in terms of payslip history, leave balances, deduction monitoring and such?
  • Yes, the employees have access to their information through the employee portal or "kiosk", they each have their accounts. When they log in, the information is readily available for them. In fact, they can print their payslip through their portal.


What support can you offer?
  • The service in itself is support, it includes technical and IT support. Our payroll consultants are available 24/7 to assist and advice on system and device requirements via phone call or email.
What is our role in your payroll service? Does this mean that we will no longer need our payroll staff?
  • Our service will not take away your payroll staff's role in the setup, because he/she will be our counterpart in making sure your HR policies are followed in relation to payroll.
How many payroll generations can the service accommodate?
  • The service can accommodate multiple payroll generations. But if you particularly mean re-generating of payroll reports after changes and adjustment, we can accommodate multiple re-generations subject to our payroll timeline delivery.
We are currently using manual timekeeping and with our setup, this is necessary. Does this mean we cannot use your system? Or get your service?
  • As our system is customizable and our service works around its flexibility. However, we advocate on digitizing our timekeeping to avoid error and manipulation, which in the long run will benefit you greatly.
How far can you customize? /What can you customize?
  • We can set up the system based on your company and payroll settings and recommend better alternatives. Should there be customization requirements like special reports that are unique to your business. This will be subject to review and discussion
What if we do not opt for paperless?/What if our employees do not have email addresses, does this mean we cannot give their payslip?
  • The system has a feature that can help you with that - it has an export and print option where you can either generate the payslip as a .pdf file or you can print directly from the system.
What are the available reports?/ What kind of reports can you generate?
  • The system includes regulatory reports for HR documentation as well as statutory reports. As an extensive and customizable application, over the time, there have been additional reports formats recently added to cover reporting needs.

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