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Vel Marie Santillan 14th Mar 2017

Having a business is both a blessing and a curse. Sounds cliché but it’s true. It’s a blessing because, hello, raking in all the money. But on the other hand, you’d have to handle the internal workings of your company. That includes overseeing production (or services you offer), maintaining the quality, operations… That’s a lot to handle. Now, that would put wrinkles under your eyes. You don’t want that, do you?

Even if you’re an SME, business tools exist to address your needs. Payroll systems are one of the tools that helps you manage your business (and helps you sleep better at night) is your payroll system. It’s basically a system that calculates your employees’ income, salary deductions, and other government compliances. Attendance systems, such as the RFID or biometrics, lets you record your employees’ working hours.

With that said, payroll systems work hand in hand with your attendance system. It’s how you can fairly calculate your employees’ salary. But did you know almost all payroll systems aren’t hooked up with their own attendance systems? This is the reason why you or probably your HR (or whoever it is that handles your payroll) would manually type in the hours rendered by your employee into the payroll system.

More often than not, attendance systems are prone to malfunctioning. This could cause some major problems in your record-keeping. When your records are disorganized, it’s prone to tampering. It’s possible that you’ve been overpaying or underpaying your employees. Either way, it’s bad for your business.

So, why isn’t there a payroll system with its own attendance system? Actually, there is. Stick around and you’ll find out about it soon enough.

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