Paperless Payroll as CSR

Vel Marie Santillan 26th May 2017

One of the testaments of having a great childhood is having a tree around your neighbourhood. Remember calling out your friends from your tree house? Even if you didn’t have one, you’ve probably broken your arm because of imitating Tarzan. Maybe you have a fear of heights. Perhaps you weren’t as daring as you are now. But even then, I’m sure there’s a particular tree you have in mind. Let’s name that tree Doris.

Doris and all the other trees are an essential part of our environment. They help in stabilizing soil which hugely aids in preventing landslides. They shelter adorable critters like squirrels, beavers, otters (see their adorable memes in the interwebs!), and the occasional beehive you detest to your core. Let’s not forget, trees help us BREATHE AIR.

But did you know the worldwide paper industry has cut more than 4 billion trees to meet paper production demands in the last 2 years? Imagine putting 4 billion trees in one spot. That’s probably as big as an existing country.

See that printed payslip on your hands? That’s a by-product of trees cut down and turned into paper. How many employees are you in your company? Multiply that to roughly a hundred (estimated based on the number of years and monthly payouts) and that contributes to the paper waste in the entire world. On average, a person uses 700 pounds of paper every year. How many paper payslips would that be?

Taking care of your business is important. But having a business that takes care of the environment as well is a corporate social responsibility. Think of all the other Dorises that would be part of your son, daughter, or even your grandchildren’s lives. Think of all the trees you can save if you start a paperless payroll today.

Credit: Modified photo from Simon Maselli | paperless-office-innovation

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