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Vel Marie Santillan 9th June 2017

Have you been losing your ID more often? Have you been holding onto it like it’s your lifeline?

If you are, you most likely know what the consequences are of losing your ID. You get to go through a ton of bureaucratic paper work and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Let’s not mention the legal procedure you need to go through just to prove YOUR OWN IDENTITY.

Losing your ID will definitely affect your salary computation. That could be hard considering you need your salary to manage your upkeep – mortgage, groceries, utility bills, your kids’ tuition, and a whole lot more.

Isn’t that ridiculous? You get to go through all this hassle just because you lost your ID – a thing that only has your name and photo.

An ID is basically a tool that proves your identity. Your face matched with your name. But what’s the one thing you have (and I don’t mean IDs) that people will recognize you with? Your birthmark? Your sense of humour? Your style? Aren’t IDs impractical and unnecessary?

Have you seen the Data Tab from Star Trek Enterprise– a sci-fi series from the 90s? If not, a Data Tab is this flat rectangular object that helps Captain Picard manage his spaceship. It gives him daily reports, calculates success rates, and other clerical information. Familiar? It’s basically the IPad!

We’ve seen sci-fi movies showing futuristic tools and end up becoming real decades later. What if facial recognition software exists now? Wouldn’t that get a load off your hands? Imagine a workplace where you don’t need IDs, RFIDs, and biometric systems to clock-in. All you need is to scan your face and your set for the day!

Credit: Modified photo from Steffen Egly | wanna buy roses?

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